About Us

Makerspace Garage is a non-profit, non-governmental innovation organization with a community of makers passionate about positive social and environmental impact. Garaža is a community-based space where creative entrepreneurs, artists, makers, teachers, and students come together to learn and work.
We want to help students, children & young people, creative souls, entrepreneurs, and everyone else, to get their start and realize their ideas.​

Our mission at Garage is to provide students, industry, SMEs/entrepreneurs, artists, and makers with a safe, well-equipped, and knowledgeable environment in which they can explore how traditional, contemporary, and modern processes of making can support new designs or advanced existing, with imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.

No matter what your background is, what your resources are, or whatever your maker journey is, Garage Makerspace is here to help. At Garage Makerspace, you can

  • Learn and create through hands-on skills and personalized experiences through workshops and other events we organize

  • Use the makerspace, our resources, and our expertise to come up with innovative solutions

  • Be part of our community of makers and together bring a positive impact to the society

  • Build critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Develop a wide range of 21st-century skills

Experience the innovation, 3D printing, prototyping, STEM, DIY, robotics, engineering, Maker Movement in Mostar